How Does VoIP Phone Service Work?

For years, businesses have been replacing their analog phone lines with VoIP phone service. In its early years, VoIP picked up its own reputation among users and skeptics who touted it as unreliable; however, throughout its history, this new communication technology has grown in popularity and left its mark as a reliable and practical communication... Continue Reading →


How to Get the Most From Your Voicemail to Email Service

If you have a voicemail to email service, then you already know how great it can be. Aside from giving you the ability to share your voicemail messages with colleagues for easier collaboration, it also lets you decide if a message requires instant action or if you can add it to your to-do list to... Continue Reading →

How to Tackle Business Phone Plans Like a Boss

It’s common to hear professionals express confusion about the different business phone plans they find. Who can blame them? There are so many options available; most of them contain standard options and some of them specifically cater to companies of a certain size. Although there are small business phone plans available, not all of them... Continue Reading →

Discover the Benefits of VoIP Providers for Business

Technology is without a doubt changing the way entrepreneurs and corporate professionals approach business. Even companies that have been around for years are having to adapt to the changes we’ve seen in the past few decades. Communication itself has been through an evolution, with business phones and infrastructures having gone from desk phone and copper... Continue Reading →

A History of Your Office Phone

The office phone is an underestimated tool that business owners and employees probably don’t put much thought into. Due to advances in cloud computing and increased access to communication tools, we use the office phone every day without much thought about how it became such an integral part of our business communications. To get a... Continue Reading →

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