What is a Virtual PBX?

There are few things an entrepreneur needs to really get a business started. Implementing a virtual pbx is one of the most important things you will need to do in order to stay in contact with your partners, customers, and anyone else who is part of your team. Some business owners have no problem using their smartphones as a means of communication but it’s not the best way to establish a reputable image without the right components. What if you need multiple extensions or a professional greeting for inbound callers? This is where you will want to consider exploring virtual pbx as an option for business communication.

What is a virtual pbx? Similar to a hosted PBX system, a virtual pbx is provided by a VoIP service provider and requires minimal set up and maintenance. The main difference is that a virtual PBX is an even more cost-effective option intended for small teams and companies trying to make every penny count. Existing office phones and VoIP phones are most likely compatible with a virtual PBX; you just need to check with your provider of choice to get the most accurate information about their virtual pbx capabilities.

Why You Need a Virtual Phone System for Your Small Business

Using a virtual phone system that fits your business communication needs gives you the flexibility you’re looking for while keeping your calls organized and your team connected. As a more cost effective alternative to a hosted pbx you still get the essentials like auto attendant for that professional feel without being tied to a desk phone or worrying about pesky cables. This way you’re still taking advantage of the simplicity of a virtual phone system without compromising your professional reputation.

Whether you’re a team of two, or 10, being able to provide the option to work from anywhere is always a perk for employees. The best part is that you get to keep your virtual phone system settings and features wherever you go so you can eliminate the necessity of bulky premise-based pbx equipment.

Although this is a great communication option for small teams and entrepreneurs, keep in mind that this should not be seen as a scalable option since it does bring limitations in the way you can manage calls. Luckily, you can choose a virtual phone service that allows you to upgrade seamlessly when you’re ready for the next tier of communications solutions.

Choosing the Right Virtual Phone Service

Virtual phone service is a fairly new technology for businesses but that doesn’t mean finding a virtual phone service that completes your communication strategy has to be stressful. When researching different virtual phone service providers, you want to make sure that you find one that offers comprehensive virtual phone service based on your current needs with the option to reasonably upgrade when your business is ready.

There are some providers who specialize exclusively in virtual phone service but will not have scalable options for future growth and there are others who offer only complete, hosted pbx services which force you to start with more features than you might need at the moment. When searching for the virtual phone service that’s built for growth, make sure you find one that can meet your current needs with a virtual phone service as well as your future communication needs when your business expands.

Author Bio:

Alicia Sandino has been working in the virtual phone service industry for several years providing insights on the benefits of virtual pbx.

Alicia has spent her time observing the way pbx system users experience their business phone systems and understanding the importance of a virtual phone service that caters to the specific needs of different companies. She is dedicated to making it easy for those who are not so tech savvy to better understand and feel comfortable with their virtual pbx system and the various ways to grow their business simply by improving their call management.

She is currently at FastPBX, a virtual phone service provider that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses grow by offering products and services that promote productivity and effective internal and external communication. With access to practical and user-friendly features, FastPBX users are able to worry less about their callers experiencing choppy audio or dropped calls and can more focus on their business.

Read more about all things regarding PBX on the FastPBX blog. You can follow FastPBX for updates on Twitter (@fastpbx) LinkedIn and Facebook.com/FastPBXbiz.


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