The Best Phone System Analytics & How to Use Them

We live in a world obsessed with data. We track our progress throughout workouts, we use data to figure out the best time to send an email to prospects, and then we visualize our data to make it easier to understand. There’s no doubt that without data, ideas and decisions wouldn’t come together as easily. Using your business phone system is no different.

If you’re using a modern VoIP phone system, chances are you have access to analytics that let you gather enough data so you can make better decisions for your business. If you’re not sure how you can use your phone system to assemble the right data, here are a few examples to help you boost your interactions.

Call Logging

A great way to manage quality of service is by collecting as much data on the performance of your employees and customer satisfaction that results from those interactions. With call logging you can see inbound and outbound call volume, the duration of the call, and even the location of the caller.

One way to use this features is to detect inbound calling trends to optimize employee work hours. If you see that you have high call volume between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., you can confidently hire more part-time employees during those hours and keep minimal staff full-time. This saves time and money while ensuring that your customers get the maximum level of attention. When you optimize your employee’s times, you’re keeping your them engaged and focused on the incoming calls. This works great for businesses taking on high inbound calls, likes call centers or expanding service boutiques.

Live Call Monitoring

Barge, whisper, spy. These may sound like the characteristics of your worst co-worker but in regards to business phone systems, these are actually indispensable features. Authorized users can reap the benefits of live call monitoring as it allows for these special functions.

Barge allows all parties on a call to speak to each other and be heard, so you can use Barge to conference in to an existing call if necessary.

Spy still gives all parties the ability to listen but one party listens while remaining muted. Get an authentic feel of your employee’s interactions with customers without intimidating them. Takes notes to refer back to when you do an overview of their calls. Just remember, with Spy you are in listen mode only.

Whisper allows you to speak to your employee while they’re on a call without the other party being able to hear you. This gives you the opportunity to live coach your employee effectively and specifically without the inbound caller having any ideas as to what’s going on.

Call Recording

Used the right way, call recording can do so much to improve your productivity. Replay and review specific parts of a conversation to make follow up calls easier.

It’s also a great way to confirm information; businesses can use call recording to make solving disputes easy and travel agencies in particular can benefit since they are able to keep track of accurate dates and times for clients.

Overall, call recording is usually used to maintain customer service quality and serves as a tool for training purposes. Keep in mind, however, that if a caller is being recorded, you must make the caller aware.

Getting the Most Value from Business Phone Systems

Can analytics from business phone systems benefit you? If you’re running a call center, a business that relies on a large sales team, or if you dedicate large amounts of time on customer service calls, then the answer is yes. Even if you’re operating with a small team, if you could benefit from improving the quality of your customer service or learning more about your team’s behavior to maximize productivity, insights from business phone systems are a must.

The best part is that most business phone systems offer these easy-to-use features with a higher tier plan, at no extra cost. Now, you can get the data you need to get the most value from your business communications.

Gather Analytics with These Business Phones for Sale

When it comes to complementing your analytics plan, you can easily find business phones for sale that are most compatible with the specific features you want to use. Since analytics can be accessed from a web-based dashboard, you won’t have to rely heavily on your business phone to capture the data you need. With VoIP business phone systems, you get powerful functionality and service that’s easy to use. When you add analytics to the equation, you have a winning service that can certainly help grow your business.


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