How to Tackle Business Phone Plans Like a Boss

It’s common to hear professionals express confusion about the different business phone plans they find. Who can blame them? There are so many options available; most of them contain standard options and some of them specifically cater to companies of a certain size. Although there are small business phone plans available, not all of them can offer precisely what different businesses need and lack industry-specific functionality.

If you’re looking for a new business phone plan and can’t decide which is best for you, let’s go over the best way to make the right decision.

When you begin your search, its usually due to three things: you’re experiencing poor quality of service with your existing provider, you’re seeing increasing monthly costs, or you want to switch from analog to VoIP and you’re looking for business phone plans that can meet your communication needs. So it’s important to start with why you’re looking for a new provider.

Poor quality of service

If this is why you’re exploring new options, then you want to make sure that the provider you choose offers a level of support that you feel comfortable with. You can choose the most elite of business phone plans but if the provider doesn’t meet your expectations as far as customer service and support, what’s the point? Do they offer ‘round-the-clock support? Do they outsource their customer service? Pay attention to these details to gauge realistic expectations.

Increasing monthly costs

Hidden fees and additional charges might seem like standard practices, but in reality they diminish trust and credibility between the provider and its customers. If you can find a provider that offers business phone plans at fixed rates, or can at least clearly define your billing details, then you’ve found a provider that takes your needs as a business owner seriously.

Switching from Analog to VoIP

Most analog users are used to time-consuming installations and expansion limitations. Once you make the leap from analog to VoIP, you’ll find that using the technology makes all the difference as far as functionality, and getting started will bring you the relief and monthly savings you’re looking for.

After understanding your purpose behind your new search, you can start diving into the business phone plans that will be most effective for you.

How Can Small Business Phone Plans Help You?

VoIP providers are doing a pretty good job of keeping up with emerging technology and the business communication needs that coincide with it. Smartphones are the go-to business device and cloud communications are becoming a part of office interactions more and more. Regardless of the advancements, we’re making with technology, not all businesses will need the bells and whistles.

Small teams and entrepreneurs have different needs than a call center. If you’re a small business or an entrepreneur with expectations of growth, getting started with a provider that makes growth easy is the best option for you. When you combine the ability to seamlessly scale with great customer service and competitive rates, the benefits speak for themselves.

You can find business phone plans for any stage of your venture. Are you an entrepreneur? A virtual PBX plan will be your best bet. Foster a professional image and take your phone system with you so you can be reached whenever or use it with an office phone; you decide!

Brick and mortar stores that need a reliable business phone will want something that also offers flexibility and that’s easy to use. You don’t have time to mess with your phone set up and no one wants to be on hold with customer support during peak hours. Ensure your set up and maintenance will be minimal and that the phone plan you choose has the necessary features that take care of your callers while you tend to visitors.

More robust small business phone plans even offer the analytics you need to make informed decisions for your staff training and campaign strategies. Enterprise companies can benefit from call analytics and business SMS, which is great feature for send out appointment confirmations or to broadcast updates and promotions.
Your search, however, shouldn’t stop at business phone plans.

Find Business Phones For Sale.

With every business phone plan, you need to have the office hardware that completes your communication strategy. Whether you’re one person running the entire operation or a team experiencing rapid growth, small business phones can make all the difference in your communications strategy.

If you need simple functionality like conference calling and extension dialing, Cisco phones can deliver what you need. Aside from the necessary capabilities you would expect from small business phones, you can use the latest hardware to boost productivity across departments by engaging employees at the right time and listen in on calls to establish better coaching protocols.

With business plans and compatible phones in place, your options for growth are endless.

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